Heavenly Invalid Silicon

Book of Concrete Poetry with augmented reality

Norbert Heinz, Raryel C. Souza, Claudio Kirner

User instructions:

The first step is to print the Concrete Poetry Book in PDF (link 1 below). For best results, it is recommended to binding the book with spiral. Then, check out the video tutorial below on how to use the application (also available at the link 2 below).

Among the forms of interaction offered, using marker or keyboard, it is recommended to use the keyboard interaction as it is more easy to use. As well as shown in the video, first press the letter <p>, giving persistence to the visualization of the marker, so that the user may adjust it in the scene, obstruct it with his/her fingers and remove it, keeping its visualization on the monitor. To enable or disable the two points, simply use the keys <Control +1> and <Control +2>, allowing the visualization of the 3D object and the video of the poem. If you want to reposition the visualized element on the monitor, place the page of the book in front of the webcam and make the adjustment, removing it again.

In case of questions/problems, see the book in PDF in the section "Instructions for the execution of the Application" (located immediately after the Preface 2) and the "Annex I".

Specific instructions for off-line access:

If you prefer running the application off-line without the need of internet connection, simply download the off-line access package (link 3 below), unpack it in a folder on your computer and follow the same instructions given for the use online. Instead of accessing the application site, the user must access the file index.html, located in the folder, where the package was unpacked, and click on the link corresponding to the chosen poem. The advantage of this alternative is that the loading of objects and videos is much more rapid. In the case of online use, depending on the speed of internet connection and the size of the videos and objects 3D of poems, the loading can have a delay.

Link 1 - Book " Heavenly Invalid Silicon " - PDF

Link 2 - Vídeo-tutorial on Youtube

   Link 3 - Package for off-line access


Book using Augmented Reality

Please, choose one of the poems from the book in PDF and click on the corresponding link below to view it as an Augmented Reality Application.

Magic Cube
Grain by Grain
Eco Trash
Homo sapiens
Capital Poem
Idea Poem
Paradigm Poem
Precocity in Brazil
Weather Forecast
Digital Primate
Pseud will
I go

Check out also the online hypermedia version of the Concrete Poetry Book"Heavenly Invalid Silicon":



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This augmented reality application was developed with the authoring tool FLARAS. More information can be found on:


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The work Heavenly Invalid Silicon - version in Augmented Reality of Norbert Heinz; Raryel C. Souza; Claudio Kirner is licensed with a Creative Commons License - attribution - Noncommercial - No Derivative Works 3.0 Brazil.

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